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Discuss icons and graphic making in a friendly environment

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Created on 2009-12-16 17:14:44 (#465862), last updated 2009-12-16 (409 weeks ago)

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Community description:A place where you can discuss icons and graphic making in a friendly environment.

Welcome to icon_talk

This is a discussion community for all kinds of graphics, icons, headers, wallpapers, techniques ect. Here you can chat with fellow icon/graphic makers about creating graphics and get to know each other better.

In short this is a community for those who share a common interest in icons and graphics.

This is NOT a rant/wank community, go to [community profile] iconrants for that.

Please read the rules to the right, BEFORE you post to find out what you're allowed to do, and what you're NOT allowed to do here.

Keep in mind that this is a friendly community, so no bashing or wank.

What IS allowed

- You can rec icons, resources, tutorials/guides, other icon makers ect.

- You can ask for advice/input on how to write a good/informative tutorial.

- You can discuss graphic etiquette (icon credit ect..)

- Where do you find inspiration, discuss ideas.

- You can post your graphic ideas/brainstorm.

- You can ask for con-crit/tips on icons, tutorials and other graphics.

- You can talk about making graphics in general, what program do you use, how do you work when you make graphics ect.

- Rants/criticism: Talking about icons doesn't necessarily have to be positive, it's a fine line between talking or criticism and ranting. So we've decided to ban the most popular rants like pw-protection, complaints about icontests and links to other posts. We are not the new [community profile] iconrants. Talking about trends ect is ok, for now.

- Always use an LJ-cut when posting any image(s) that is BIGGER than 400px high and/or 400px wide, also more than 5 (five) 100x100 images/icons or other images should be behind a lj-cut. All posts that defy this rule will be deleted immediately, without warning!

This is an LJ-cut:

What IS NOT allowed

- You are NOT allowed to share finished icons/resources you made (with that we mean pimping posts to your own icons/resources,like you do in [community profile] icons, [profile] icon_extras ect.

- You are not allowed to pimp/promote your own community/journal.

- You are NOT allowed to ask "where can I find" "who made this", how can I get/created this coloring, "how can I make this". We already have [profile] lets_find_it, [profile] who_gets_credit, [community profile] coloring_help, [community profile] icon_tutorial ect. for that.

- You are NOT allowed to ask "what is this font and where can I find it?". Ask at [profile] fontaddicts instead.

- You are NOT allowed to ask "I have this problem: _____, how can I fix it?". Go to [community profile] icon_tutorial for that.

- You are NOT allowed to ask for help finding things like programs/textures/brushes ect.

- You are NOT allowed to post or link to ugly icons/graphics. We already have [profile] ugly_icons for that.

- Do NOT direct-link/hotlink to any images. If we see a post or comment with hotlinked images we will give you 1 chance to delete/edit the hotlinked images within 12 hours after a comment with a warning has been posted by one of the mods. After that, we will automatically delete the post/comment without further notice. If you do not know what directlinking/hotlinking is, READ THIS.

Posts that defy these rules or inappropriate posts as a whole will be deleted and you will get a a warning.


Do you want to affiliate with [community profile] icon_talk, add us to your list, comment to this post post, and we'll add you to our list. Only resource communities, tutorial communities and graphic communities, please. No private journals or challenge communities.

Current affiliates:

Resource communities:

Graphic communities:

Tutorial communities:

Other/misc communities:

Info and credit

This community is run by:
[personal profile] aida_rose (Maintainer/Moderator)

Feel free to use the banner at the top of the profile page if you want to help promote the community, we would really appreciate it! Just copy and paste this:

Layout credit [profile] minty_peach
Profile code [profile] noveltybox

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